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Port Townsend Community Action of Art

A grass roots call to action for a fair & just future for ALL.

March 19, Sunday, 1-2pm, Fort Worden State Park, parade grounds.

Rise Up! In Solidarity!      All are invited to be part of an aerial group photo to send a strong message of unity to preserve & defend precious values that we hold to be true and just. Installation artist  Mavis Muller will lead the creating of a 25' dia. ground design of a raised fist clutching the balanced 'scales of justice' using donated fabric. At  1pm    the public is invited to bring a brightly colored article of clothing to add to the design. Then, "like a human mosaic" we will pose for a group photo taken at  2pm    from up high in a bucket lift. The image will be widely shared to inspire & energize others. Come out and be part of the myth making, memory making, history making, community building, paradigm shifting art. We're stronger when we collaborate.     Event is free.

More info call Mavis Muller 907-299-1478     FB event page; Community Action of Art