April 4 Meeting Notes

Indivisible Huddle Environmental Group

Tuesday our Team attended the larger Huddle Group and gave several reports. Jo Tiffany, Marilyn Friedrich and Lea Falkenhagen gave a presentation on the EPA and consequences with Scott Pruitt in charge under the Trump administration. The combined speaker notes are posted on the Web Site for further consideration. YOUR PLANET NEEDS YOU! Cherri Mann urged everyone to support the Olympic Peninsula, Port Angeles Peoples' Climate March on Saturday, April 29th at 3:00-5:00 PM. The march will go for six blocks and there will be a designated spot to drop people off and pick them up if walking is difficult. There will be Carpooling and Cindy Jayne, Local 20/20, will organize the transportation for those who want to drive/ride with others. Designated public parking with be at the County Courthouse; Peabody St. and 4th Street. Port Townsend Officials Mayor Deborah Stinson and Jefferson County Commissioner, Kate Dean will be speaking at the event along with other event speakers! Please RSVP go to: https://actionnetwork.org/events/peoples-climate-march-port-angeles

Suggested Actions
Follow closely the changes in the EPA and Dept. of Ecology in our state. Write letters to newspapers and continue communication with our state legislators and Congress.

On Earth Day, April 22, a very special, must-see film "Sonic Sea" will be shown at 7:00-8:30 PM in the Carnegie Reading Room at the PT Public Library. Please plan to attend! Learn what is happening under our water in the Salish Sea...

Saturday, April 29th at 3:00 PM in Port Angeles!
Port Angeles Peoples Climate March; 3-5PM PM. There will be carpools and buses available! See Debbi Steele and Cherri Mann. Signup with them!  This march coincides with Trump's 100 days in office! It is an ACTION opportunity to show force!
WEB SITE:  https://actionnetwork.org/events/peoples-climate-march-port-angeles 

Next Committee Meeting
Tuesday April 11 5:00-6:30pm
Unity Church 3918 San Juan, across from Blue Heron School
Newcomers Welcome!

Group Leader: cherrimann@aol.com  

Advocates for Better Health

As of 4/6/17 Paul Ryan has said the latest effort to revive the Republican Repeal and Replace effort will be worked on during the coming weeks. So, hopefully, they will not try to move something forward in the dead of night again. Easter vacation starts at the end of the day on Friday. Congress returns April 24th and the House will be busy on their spending bill to be passed before the April 28th deadline. We will continue monitoring for any amendments or new bills. Currently it sounds like they will be trying to turn over things like the 10 Essential Benefits requirements, reimbursement of cost-sharing subsidies, and cutting back on Medicaid Expansion to the states. Also allowing states to set up High Risk Pools for people with pre-existing conditions which are always very expensive. HHS is hoping to allow states to have waivers on things like having to work in order to qualify for Medicaid. They will continue to chip away at the ACA in spite of no over all bill. Linda Martin has ordered more of our personalized postcards. Anyone wishing to have some postcards to send out can contact Linda at lindamartin78@msn.com. Public polling is definitely turning in favor for the ACA and for Medicare for All. Keep up the good work!

Next Committee Meeting
Tuesday April 11 at 4PM
Meeting Host Contact Info:  Lindamartin78@msn.com


1. JCIRA FACEBOOK PAGE - Please check it out, like it, post on it, spread it to your friends. Just log on to FB, type JCIRA and click on "group" on the left side of the page. If not, you'll wind up reading about Jefferson County in almost every state.

2. LEGAL TRAINING -- RISKS TO BYSTANDERS, IMMIGRANTS AND SELF. The presenter, Lindsey Schromen-Wawrin, is a Port Angeles attorney. The training focuses on our roles as helpers, documenters and allies in cases of ICE interception and detention, at homes, in workplaces and out in public. It is not devoted to civil disobedience. Friday, April 7. For more info, contact Rowan.Sharp@gmail.com

3. EDUCATING OURSELVES AND OTHERS Here's an excellent 2 hour video, Immigration 101, featuring Jorge Baron of the Northwest Immigrant Rights Center. Learn about green cards, requirements for citizenship, DACA and much more. Watch it in bits, take a break and return to it later. It's worth it. http://www.seattlechannel.org/publicAffairs/?videoid=x71498


Next Committee Meeting
Tuesday April 11 4:30- 6pm
at Rosewind Common House
 corner of Umatilla and Haines
Bring socks, slippers
Newcomers Welcome!

Group Leader: libbypalmer2@gmail.com 

Education Group

Looking for new members.  Contact Nancy Johnson if you're interested in joining this new committee (nlj1048@gmail.com)

Please contact our state legislators and ask them to support funding of House budget proposal, which fully funds education (McCleary) without taking resources from other programs. Also, frequently monitor the Washington State Legislature's website since some some groups are supporting legislation that weakens programs that have been traditionally valued by Washington's citizens.

The Senate's proposed budget does not fully fund programs now funded by local levies and reduces funds for important programs such as Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) and WorkFirst, Working Connections Child Care, Local Public Safety Enhancement, Public Works Assistance Account, and Housing and Essential Needs. It also eliminates Washington's Initiative 1351. Instead of amply funding K-12 public schools, the Senate's plan cuts teacher pay, increases class sizes, imposes merit pay, lowers teacher standards and expands charter-like schools (class size reduction).  (information from Washington State League of Women Voters and Washington Education Association)

More information can be found on the Internet, including the Washington Association of School Administrators and Washington Educational Association's websites.


Group Leader: Nancy Johnson

Healthcare Group

Linda and I appreciate all of your willingness to be part of the Healthcare Group.  Our next meeting will be Tuesday, April 11th at 4:00 at 41 Vista Blvd.  Please bring information to share and ideas for action.
We are still trying to put our subcommittees—National/Medicare For All; Washington state/Regional; Planned Parenthood/Women’s Healthcare—together.  Some of you have signed up.  We currently have no one to serve on the Washington/Regional subcommittee so that is a real need.
See you on Tuesday.
Shari & Linda

Next Committee Meeting
Tuesday April 11 at 4PM
Meeting Host Contact Info:  Lindamartin78@msn.com

Electoral Process Group

Report on arrangements for phone banking for Jon Ossoff, Georgia 6th Congressional district. 
PHONE BANKING: Decided on Saturday April 1, 11-1PMSee separate announcement.
Call Senator Cantwell to oppose Gorsuch nomination to Supreme Court.  She has not announced a firm position.
Dorn Campbell to contact Dingrastate Senate campaign in Washington45th Legislative District to ask how we can help.
Bruce Cowan gave a report on the State budget proposal introduced in the House, calling for progressive changes to the tax system, and providing for school funding. Call State reps to support.
Ian Keith to contact Rob Quist campaign in Montana to ask how we can help.

Join the phone bank: Be a part of helping to elect Jon Ossoff to the Sixth Congressional District of Georgia!  (This position was made vacant by Tom Price moving to Trump's cabinet.)  This district has been Republican since 1979, but Trump only won it by 1.5 percent in November; this would be the first national upset to the Republican Party since Trump'sinauguration.  Be a part of history making!

APRIL 1, Saturday 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. join a Virtual Phone Bank.  Make calls to Georgians on behalf of Ossoff from your own home.  Karen Crouse, kscrouse.kc@gmail.com, has organized this. 

Send an email to her by Friday night and she will send the link to you. All the information you need will be on your computer - or whatever device you use to get email.  The script, the coding of call results, how voters are leaning, etc.


Group Leader: ikeith@olympus.net