March 7th Meeting Notes

Urgent Actions!

Stand with Standing Rock March
This Friday march in protest of the Dakota Access pipeline
March 10th 2 p.m. at the corner of Lawrence and Walker (the fire station) 

The Clean Energy Transition Act. HB 1646 is receiving a hearing in the statehouse on Tuesday, March 14. More info on the hearing in Olympia HERE

Call to tell your rep. to oppose Paul Ryan's ACA replacement bill!

PATTY MURRAY 202-224-2621
MARIA CANTWELL 202-224-3441
DEREK KILMER 202-225-5916

We have great news!  We now have a website you can access anytime.  Indivisible Huddle will keep all our meeting notes, list upcoming events, have information on each team and how to get involved and how to be added to our mailing list.  SO, not only will you get a newsletter from us, you will be able to find it and other information on our new website.  We are just starting it so there will be many changes to come, I'm sure.  For now, we want to keep it simple and easy to access.  We want you to keep doing what you're doing and make it easy for you to do so! 

-Debbi, Nyla and Stephanie - Communications

Link to New Website (still in the works)

If you missed the Kilmer Town Hall meeting in Sequim, Dennis Daneau has put it all on YouTube.  Search using Town Hall Derek Kilmer 2017 there are three parts.  You'll see everything you missed

Derek Kilmer Town Hall Video: Part One

Indivisible Huddle Environmental Group

Meeting Notes: 
Monday, March 6th, 12 environmentalists met at the Pink House at the PT Library. We discussed the draft Mission Statement and made suggestions. We discussed our individual interests and we decided that the main goal for our group will be to work on the EPA and the result of Scott Pruitt's mandates. Other work will be centered on education for our committee and helping to share vital information to our community. Meeting times: we will schedule our small group meetings on the opposite Tuesday meetings of the larger group, Sunrise Huddle. Next Meeting Date: Tuesday, March 14 - see below for details.

Suggested Actions: 
Next meeting: Focus on EPA and ways to mitigate losses; letter to Maria Cantwell for group approval; provide information about US legislative districts and dates for reelection; list of other environmental groups locally and nationally working on specific issues. Further discussion on the showing of the film, "The Wisdom to Survive".

Next Committee Meeting
Tuesday March 14th 5-6:30pm
call for location: 510-329-5544
Newcomers Welcome!

Group Leader:

Education Group

Looking for new members:
1) To protect public schools by advocating for federal public money to be allocated for public schools. Quality public schools work to improve future prospects for ALL students, including children with disabilities, LGTBQ children, children of color, and low income families. All children need quality public schools to prepare them and the country for the future.

2) To advocate that Washington State provide full funding for public education and to protect public education against influences of those who would discriminate against any student and weaken the public education system.

Two websites that provide immediate action ideas:

Trustworthy educational publishers include:
Cengage/National Geographic

Group Leader: Nancy

Jeffco Citizens for Sound Foreign Policy

- We agreed on a name for our group:  Jefferson County Citizens for Sound Foreign Policy
We prepared a draft letter (sample attached) demanding an independent investigation of the past and potential collusion between Trump campaign officials, current White House staff, and Russian officials.
- The letter went to the following members of Congress:
    Senators:  McConnell, McCain, Corker, Burr, Graham, Warner, Grassley, & Collins
    Representatives:  Ryan, Thornberry, Royce, Chaffetz, Nunes, Kilmer

Next Meeting
Tuesday the 14th at 2:00  
Group Leader: 

Healthcare Group

Next Committee Meeting
Tuesday the 14th at 3:30
Meeting Host Contact Info:

Electoral Process Group

Discussed Jon Ossof campaign for Georgia 6th district.  (Special election to replace Price who resigned to join Trump cabinet.  First round April 18) 
Hopes to flip this seat as a poke at Trump.  Jungle ballot, about 18 candidates. Top two, regardless of party, advance to runoff in summer. 
Donating money is an obvious way to help. Recommendation to give directly to Ossof campaign, not DCCC, who are interested, but not yet backing any individual candidate. Hopes that if Ossof is strong, others will drop out and endorse him, raising his chances of making the runoff.


Group Leader: 



Next Committee Meeting
Tuesday March 14th 4:30- 6pm
at Rosewind Common House
 corner of Umatilla and Haines
Newcomers Welcome!

Group Leader: 

Upcoming Events

  • March 10th Stand with Standing Rock Jefferson County will host a march Friday in Port Townsend to protest the Dakota Access pipeline that will cut through part of a Sioux Reservation in North Dakota.  Carmen Bitzer is one of the march organizers and it will start at 2 p.m. at the corner of Lawrence and Walker next to the fire station, then proceed down Lawrence Street towards Pope Marine Park on Water Street.  The rally is a sister march of one in Washington, DC led by the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, the Indigenous Environmental Network and the Native Organizers Alliance.
  • March 12:  Representative Mike Chapman comes to town 1 to 3.  Location TBD
  • March 15:  Send a postcard to Trump saying how you feel about his presidency so far. 
Prepare for March 15th, 2017, a day hereafter to be known as #TheIdesOfTrump
March 15th, mail your messages to:
President (for now) Donald J. Trump
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
Washington, DC 20500
  • March 17: Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (QUUF): Environmental documentary: "Reaching Blue: finding hope beneath the surface" - excellent, not to be missed! 6:30 PM. Sponsored by many local groups such as Local 20/20, Jefferson Land Trust...Buy tickets sold at Food Coop for $10.00. There will be food also. Come hear from the producer, Ian Hinkle, who once leaved in Port Townsend.
  • March 19, Sunday, 1-2pm, Fort Worden State Park, parade grounds, Port Townsend Community Action of Art A grass roots call to action for a fair & just future for ALL.  
    Rise Up! In Solidarity!      All are invited to be part of an aerial group photo to send a strong message of unity to preserve & defend precious values that we hold to be true and just. Installation artist  Mavis Muller will lead the creating of a 25' dia. ground design of a raised fist clutching the balanced 'scales of justice' using donated fabric. At  1pm    the public is invited to bring a brightly colored article of clothing to add to the design. Then, "like a human mosaic" we will pose for a group photo taken at  2pm    from up high in a bucket lift. The image will be widely shared to inspire & energize others. Come out and be part of the myth making, memory making, history making, community building, paradigm shifting art. We're stronger when we collaborate.     Event is free.
    More info call Mavis Muller 907-299-1478     FB event page; Community Action of Art Project
  • March 30th 11:00 AM: A Ceremony with Derek Kilmer on Bainbridge Island - Day of Remembrance and Warning. The Japanese community on Bainbridge was the first to be incarcerated. Please join us at the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial 4195 Eagle Harbor Drive Winslow.  Contact Dennis to carpool:
Our next Huddle will be TUESDAY March 21st at 4:30-6pm  Unity Church 3918 San Juan, across from Blue Heron School

Our next Huddle will be TUESDAY
March 21st at 4:30-6pm
Unity Church
3918 San Juan, across from Blue Heron School