First Sunrise Huddle Notes

At our first Sunrise Huddle on February 7th we talked about some of the issues that we will focus on and the actions that we will take as a group.
Our large group broke up into 3 sub-groups for different issues:

  • Immigrant Rights
  • Healthcare
  • Electoral Process

This mailing list will act as the "string and glue" to keep larger group informed weekly or bi-weekly with action steps and information. Stronger Together!!
Lots of information below, but as we move forward these emails should become more streamlined and simplified. 
If you would like to join one of the groups, see each section below for information about the next meetings. If you would like to add another group please join us at the next huddle Feb 14 at 4pm at Sunrise Coffee. 

Immigrant Rights

Actions Already Taken:

  • Ordered 100 yard signs, (image below) ready for pickup Friday, Feb 10, to be distributed at Sunday afternoon event, next Sunrise meeting and to friends.That text can also be printed at home and put on homes, car windows - for EVERYONE
  • in person, supported County Commissioners passage of Proclamation  2/6/2017
  • Translated that Proclamation into Spanish for non-formal sharing
  • in person, attended City Council mtg to support their process for developing Resolution/Ordinance during next 2 weeks 2/6/2017
  • EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH 2008 Border Patrol video, 8 minutes

Discussed, Being considered:and/or worked on

  • Button for everyone re immigrant rights
  • Small sign for downtown store windows - PT, A Welcoming City or something like that
  • Consult with PT and Chimacum school system to determine any problems with bullying, harassment, hate crimes
  • Assist Latino community in distributing Spanish flyers for church-spnsored community event, to restaurants, businesses, farms
  • Consider short presentations at all churches
  • Try to find free or low cost immigration lawyers in our area
  • Plan a large public event,hopefully with speakers from ACLU, Northwest Immigrant Rights Project (if possible), Sheriff, Police Chief, co-sponsored by League of Women Voters, City, County
  • Think of events that stress importance of immigrant populations in US, present accurate statistics to dispel false myths
  • A March of some sort
  • Create a list of informal Spanish translators to be used by Police and Sheriff in non-criminal situations, since none of us are court-authorized
  • Sponsor KNOW YOUR RIGHTS workshop that includes rights in protesting, civil rights in general
  • If it becomes necessary, consider fundraising to help with bail bond or lawyers fees for people detained by Border Patrol
  • Conduct workshop in incident reporting, for possible use in court cases
  • Support the Forks Human Rights Group and participate in their events as requested
  • Coordinate with other impacted communities - Quilcene, Brinnon, Port Angeles, Sequim
  • Track upcoming good AND bad national legislation re immigration.  Make appropriate phone calls, emails.

Next Meeting will be at next Sunrise Huddle, 

4pm Tuesday, Feb 14, at Sunrise Coffee

Group Leader: 

Healthcare Group

Group Plan

  • Our group decided to have 'specialists' following legislation about certain aspects of health care reform. Including: ACA, medicare, medicaid, planned parenthood and womens health.
  • Finding representatives who are having surveys or meetings with their constituency about these topics so that we can have action days of traveling to where the meetings are happening to give our two cents worth.
  • The legislation we dig up will also contain which representative is sponsoring the bill and the zip codes in their area (and their contact info).
  • We will be giving action alerts to the group as a whole to call the representatives that sponsor the bills.


  • H.R. 656   'Womens Public Health and Safety Act' -this bill allows states to decide if they want to pull funding from providers who perform abortions-a sideways blow to womens reproductive choices
  • It is sponsored by Senator Sean Duffy from the 1st Congressional District of Wisconsin. The following are the cities and some of the zip codes in that area-some cities have multiple zip codes-you can look up that city on the USPS zip code site if you want more zip codes:
  • Hayward 54843     Eagle River 54521    Rhinelander 54501   Antigo  54409  Wausau  54401 and 54403 are just two of the many zip codes in that town      Marshfield 54449    River Falls 54022 (this town was on the border of the congressional district mapping for Wisconsin so I am not sure if it falls under the 1st district) I just saw on his website that he requires not just the 5 digit zip code but the extra 4 digits to verify-so you all might have to do some of the work by going on the USPS site to get the 4 digits 
  • If WA state reps already agree to a womans right to choose, we can call Duffy's office using any of the above zip codes (you could even use google maps to find an address in that zip code)
  • Phone: (202) 225-3365 or (855) 585-4251 (toll-free) these are Duffys phone numbers in DC and at his office in Wisconsin

 Next Meeting will be at next Sunrise Huddle, 
4pm Tuesday, Feb 14, at Sunrise Coffee


Electoral Process Group

Group Research

Next Meeting will be at next Sunrise Huddle, 
4pm Tuesday, Feb 14, at Sunrise Coffee

Group Leader: 

Our next Sunrise Huddle will be TUESDAY February 14th at 4:00 at Sunrise Coffee
308 10th St. 
Port Townsend, WA 98368
Host Contact Info:

Other Upcoming Events

The UnSlut Project film - Chimacum High School 6:30, 2/8 TONIGHT
Indivisible PT Meeting - Cotton Building - 4:00 2/11
Three Amigos Lecture - PTHS - 2:00 2/12
Fund for Women & Girls Yoga Benefit - 5:30 2/13 (all levels - by donation)

The Port Townsend City Council has scheduled a special Workshop meeting to examine and discuss two possible models for its forthcoming Human Rights/Immigrant Rights Resolution/Ordinance/Proclamation
Monday Feb 13, at 6:30 PM in the Council Chambers above the Historical Society museum in downtown Port Townsend. The public is invited to attend and there will be opportunities to comment on any details of the two models being considered.  After this session, the Council will consider everyone's comments, then spend time crafting its document and finally present it at a public meeting on Tuesday, Feb 21, 6:30 PM. 

The two documents under consideration are:
1.   Proclamation adopted by the Jefferson Board of County Commissioners on February 6, 2017.  The link, attached below, is the draft approved and not changed by the County Commissioners.

2.   Seattle Welcoming Cities Resolution, found at the websites below:

If possible, please attend both meetings.  If you can only make one, be sure to come to the February 21 meeting when a final vote will be taken.


The Indigenous Coalition at Standing Rock is calling for February 8th to be an international day of emergency actions to disrupt business as usual and unleash a global intersectional resistance to fossil fuels and fascism.