March 16th Notes

Urgent Actions!

Call to tell your rep. to oppose Paul Ryan's ACA replacement bill!  Reject Trumpcare, which the CBO says will take Healthcare coverage from 24M people.

Call your senator and ask them to oppose HR 985, which severely restricts class-action lawsuits--& our civil rights!

Call to urge your rep. to co-sponsor HR 1452, the No Trump Act, which keeps our taxpayer $ out of Trump hotels!

Call and Write Maria Cantwell stating she must enthusiastically support the "Wild Olympics" Act along with Derek Kilmer! CallScott Pruitt -EPA- at 888-675-0973 and TELL TRUMP/PRUITT that the "Clean Cars" announcement will put our health in danger and promises more pollution!!!

CALL your reps. Tell them how federal funds in the arts and humanities have impacted your community, and why. Be specific: for example, expanding access to important cultural resources for rural K-12 kids and teachers through digital humanities, speakers series, and summer institutes. Urge them to support the current appropriation for FY 17. Remind them that these programs are NOT elitist. They are great equalizers, and the relatively small amount of money that comes from the federal government leverages enormous benefits locally. If you can find local organizations like Chambers of Commerce, Economic Development Councils, etc., to call in, that would be great. Veterans are on everyone’s radar right now, so whenever you can, please mention NEH’s Veterans programming. Language programs funded through NEH and Title VI Fulbright-Hays are critical to national security and international diplomacy.

PATTY MURRAY 202-224-2621
MARIA CANTWELL 202-224-3441

DEREK KILMER 202-225-5916


Indivisible Huddle Environmental Group

Meeting Notes: 

Tuesday, March 14, our action group met at Jo Tiffany's house for an important step in collecting information about the EPA and how Scott Pruitt's dismantling of the agency could impact our state negatively. Three members gave detailed information about the EPA Agency and our state Department of Ecology: Jo Tiffany, Marilyn Friedrich and Lea Falkenhagen. Jo's research cited three sources that gave compelling reasons why we should learn all we can and take ACTION when necessary to try to mitigate the negative impact on water, air and land! Included in her research was reference to the fact that potentially Trump cannot abolish the EPA because of so many laws requiring protection of air an water. To end the agency and it's required protections, would open a flood gate for lawsuits. Marilyn Friedrich reported on how our state Department of Ecology is tied to the EPA through millions of dollars of grant money. We discussed ACTION items that would demand of State legislators to Defend the "Integrity" of the agency without cuts! Lea Falkenhagen updated us on the historical perspective of the creation of the agency and why it has provided a foundation for environmental laws. Please read included detailed information or contact us!

Suggested Actions
:Referring to the "Indivisible" handbook, we will start our ACTION efforts through letter-writing and collaboration with other groups. We will have a focus group led by Jo Tiffany to address direct "RESIST" actions at our next meeting. Please look for detailed research and other information regarding EPA challenges and join us in specific ACTION endeavors. 
Next meeting: Focus on EPA and ways to mitigate losses; letter to Maria Cantwell for group approval; provide information about US legislative districts and dates for reelection; list of other environmental groups locally and nationally working on specific issues. Further discussion on the showing of the film, "The Wisdom to Survive".

Saturday, April 29th at 3:00 PM in Port Angeles!
Olympic Peninsula Climate March; There will be carpools and buses available! This march coincides with Trump's 100 days in office! It is an ACTION opportunity to show force!

Next Committee Meeting
Tuesday March 21th 5:00-6:30pm
Unity Church 3918 San Juan, across from Blue Heron School
Newcomers Welcome!

Group Leader:  


Education Group

Looking for new members:
1) To protect public schools by advocating for federal public money to be allocated for public schools. Quality public schools work to improve future prospects for ALL students, including children with disabilities, LGTBQ children, children of color, and low income families. All children need quality public schools to prepare them and the country for the future.

2) To advocate that Washington State provide full funding for public education and to protect public education against influences of those who would discriminate against any student and weaken the public education system.

Two websites that provide immediate action ideas:

Trustworthy educational publishers include:
Cengage/National Geographic

Call Representative Derek Kilmer, (202) 225-5916, and urge him to oppose HB 610 to use Federal funds for elementary and secondary education in the form of vouchers for eligible students and to repeal a rule relating to nutrition standards in schools. More ON HB 610 was sponsored by three Republican Congressmen - Rep. Steve King, Andy Harris and Trent Franks - and was introduced to the House on January 23, 2017. The bill has been referred to the House Committee on Education and the Workforce.

Summary of HB 610: To distribute Federal funds for elementary and secondary education in the form of vouchers for eligible students, to repeal the Elementary and Secondary Education Act of 1965, and authorize the Department of Education to award block grants to qualified states. The bill establishes an education voucher program, through which each state would distribute block grant funds among local educational agencies based on the number of eligible children within each agency's geographical area. From these amounts, each agency will distribute a portion of funds to parents who elect to enroll their child in a private school or to home-school their child. The bill also repeals a rule that established nutrition standards for the national school lunch and breakfast programs. Watch this issue: Representative Kilmer called on President Trump to increase the purchasing power of federal Pell Grants to make college more affordable. In a letter to the President signed by 43 members, Kilmer pointed out that Pell Grants should be tied to inflation to keep up with the rising costs of secondary education.

Group Leader: Nancy


Jeffco Citizens for Sound Foreign Policy

- We agreed on a name for our group:  Jefferson County Citizens for Sound Foreign Policy
We decided to continue to petition Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor with powers to investigate potential connections/collusion between the Trump campaign, current White House Staff, and Russian intelligence operatives. We will contact elected officials as follows:

    Senators:  McConnell, Corker, Burr, Grassley, (Rs) & Murray, Cantwell & Schumer (Ds)
    Representatives:  Ryan, Royce, Chaffetz, Nunes, (Rs)  Schiff & Kilmer (Ds)

  We will demand the Republican members to establish a Special Prosecutor and authorize the subpoena of President Trump's tax returns. 
We will support Democratic member's current efforts to do so. 
For the next few days will contact them by phone.
We plan to print postcards with the title "Jefferson County Citizens for Sound Foreign Policy" for future written communications with Congress. 
Suggested Actions: Continue to petition Congress to appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate the connection between the Trump campaign and Russian intelligence operatives.

Next Meeting
Tuesday March 28 2017 at 2:00  
Group Leader: (contact for meeting details)


Healthcare Group

Summary of Last Meeting March 14
10 eager workers showed up at the Healthcare Meeting hosted by Linda Martin. The groups focus right now is on the ACA and contacting congress. They picked 6 Senators who may vote NO - Collins, Murkowski, Shelly Moore Capito, Rob Portman, Dean Hiller and Tom Cotton. Also, one member will be looking into the state single payer plan legislation HB 1026 which is working it's way through Olympia right now.

Contact all of our representatives and tell them to vote NO on the AHCA. Trumpcare is a moving target so now is the time to contact them. It is still in a House Committee that is reviewing it on Monday.

What Other Counties are doing
In regards to the ACA which is before the Congress: 

Stakeouts:   Congress returns home for a "district work period" this Thursday and Friday, March 16 and 17.  Citizens are encouraged to show up at their representatives offices in "medical themed props" (slings, crutches, scrubs, stethoscopes) and to bring home made signs, stories and anger and hope!!

Next Committee Meeting
Tuesday the 28th at 4PM
Meeting Host Contact Info: for meeting details)


Electoral Process Group


Electoral process meeting notes from  3/14/2017

1. Report on Wisconsin lawsuit against gerrymandering. Favorable decision from lower court, going directly to SCOTUS, they must hear.  If upheld, precedent set for other districts. Campaign Legal Center seems to be lead.

2. Kilmer has co-sponsored a bill to establish non-partisan redistricting commissions (as we have in WA) nationwide. HR1102, introduced by Rep. Lofgren.  In committee.
Bruce Cowan (past Chair of Jeffco Dems) and Deborah Petersen (past Committeewoman of Jeffco Dems) spoke about being effective in campaigning.

3. Don’t take local races for granted:  BoCC and PUD in ’18, several seats in ’17.  (This is how the R’s got where they are, with representation out of proportion to their numbers- winning local races) In WA state, there is an open Senate seat in Dist 45, attracting lots of attention. Filing closes soon, the only declared candidate so far is a Dem, Manka Dhingra, who is presently a senior deputy King County
prosecutor.  This seat will control the balance in the state senate.  Likely to be awash in volunteers and money.

4. Bruce thinks that Reichert (R USRep, 8th dist) could be vulnerable in ’18, depending on what happens in the meantime.

5. Discussion of feasibility of contacting groups in other jurisdictions offering help with organizing, voter registration drives, whatever they need. 

6. Two members of the group have contacted the Jon Ossof campaign. (Dem running in lead for Georgia 6th Congressional dist seat vacated by Price, now sect’y of health)  They have been trained online, and are organizing a phone bank.

7. Montana has an election for its only congressional seat, also vacated by a cabinet appointee.  Primary May 18.  Dem candidate Rob Quist.

8. Short Term focus is on the Georgia US House and Washington 45th Legislative districts, with the possibility of attending a Dave Reichert Town Hall if he has one. Different members will report on those efforts at (or before) our

Next Group Meeting
March 27, 4pm  

Group Leader: for meeting details)



Next Committee Meeting
Tuesday March 28 4:30- 6pm
at Rosewind Common House
 corner of Umatilla and Haines
Bring socks, slippers
Newcomers Welcome!

Group Leader: 



Upcoming Events

  • March 17: Quimper Unitarian Universalist Fellowship (QUUF): Environmental documentary:"Reaching Blue: finding hope beneath the surface" - excellent, not to be missed! 6:30 PM. Sponsored by many local groups such as Local 20/20, Jefferson Land Trust...Buy tickets sold at Food Coop for $10.00. There will be food also. Come hear from the producer, Ian Hinkle, who once leaved in Port Townsend.
  • March 19, Sunday, 1-2pm, Fort Worden State Park, parade grounds, Port Townsend Community Action of Art A grass roots call to action for a fair & just future for ALL.  
    Rise Up! In Solidarity!      All are invited to be part of an aerial group photo to send a strong message of unity to preserve & defend precious values that we hold to be true and just. Installation artist  Mavis Muller will lead the creating of a 25' dia. ground design of a raised fist clutching the balanced 'scales of justice' using donated fabric. At  1pm    the public is invited to bring a brightly colored article of clothing to add to the design. Then, "like a human mosaic" we will pose for a group photo taken at  2pm    from up high in a bucket lift. The image will be widely shared to inspire & energize others. Come out and be part of the myth making, memory making, history making, community building, paradigm shifting art. We're stronger when we collaborate.     Event is free.
    More info call Mavis Muller 907-299-1478     FB event page; Community Action of Art
  • March 30th 11:00 AM: A Ceremony with Derek Kilmer on Bainbridge Island - Day of Remembrance and Warning. The Japanese community on Bainbridge was the first to be incarcerated. Please join us at the Japanese American Exclusion Memorial 4195 Eagle Harbor Drive Winslow.  Contact Dennis to carpool:
  • April 5 at 7:00 "The Future of Women's Health" at the Cotton Building on Water St. in Port Townsend.
    A public discussion with a panel of experts on the issues and challenges facing women and girls in Jefferson County.  Panelists include representatives of:
    Jefferson County Public Health
    Jefferson Healthcare
    Planned Parenthood
  • April 29th at 3:00 PM Olympic Peninsula Climate March in Port Angeles! There will be carpools and buses available! This march coincides with Trump's 100 days in offfice! It is an ACTION opportunity to show force!