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Sample e-mail to send to friends

Most of us have address books that make it easy to email lots of people at one time, so please send this letter (or your own version) on to any and everyone you can think of. If they do the same and send it to their friends and family, it will reach hundreds (thousands?) of people. Friend-to-Friend - that's how we save this country!!


Hello Friend,

You and I know these midterms are critical to the future of our country. And here in Washington we have the incredible chance to FLIP THREE REPUBLICAN SEATS IN CONGRESS!!!

Here's why: in our jungle primaries" we saw the relative voting for each candidate, and in races for three Republican-held seats, there was very little difference in the voting numbers for Democrats and Republicans.

So that means the Democrats have a strong chance of winning those seats in the general election, even against Republican incumbents!!

The districts I'm talking about are:

District 8, Seattle area, Democrat Dr. Kim Schrier. Dave Reichert is not running for reelection, and the Republican candidate is Dino Rossi.

District 5, Spokane, Democrat Lisa Brown came very close to getting as many votes as all the Republicans in her district. She is running against the 4th ranking Republican in the House, Cathy McMorris Rodgers, who is loved by Nunes. The Republicans will pull out all stops to keep her in the House. Wouldn't it be great to see that one flip?

District 3, Southwest Washington, Carolyn Long is the Democratic candidate running against Republican incumbent Jaime Herrera Beutler. In that primary the Democrats garnered more votes than the Republican incumbent.

While none of these candidates is in my district I can still support them financially, and maybe help on their campaigns. The Republicans will pour tons of money into these races, so those of us who want to Flip the House need to do what we can.

If you are in any of these districts, you get to vote for one of them. If you have friends or family in any of these districts, you can encourage them for these candidates. And you can "like" these candidates on FaceBook and Twitter.