Dear Senator Murray

We in the Sunrise Indivisible Huddle of Port Townsend, 395 members strong, want to express our gratitude and our encouragement to you for your work. We appreciated the visit by Colleen Bryan. She heard our concerns and was able to respond in an informative way. We hope to see her again soon.


We are also grateful to you for your strong and public criticism of the misguided policies of Betsy DeVos and the heartless budget proposals of Donald Trump.

Our community strongly supports its public schools, its educators, and the welfare of children. In several elections on charter schools, this community has been very clear that it does not support shifting our limited public school resources to charter schools or vouchers.

Clearly, this administration does not have the best interests of our children, our community, or our country at heart. They would deprive children, especially those with disabilities, of their civil rights. They seem bent on depriving children, families, and communities of the resources that actually make America great while enriching themselves and their friends.

Children do not choose to be born into poverty. It is heartless of Donald Trump to diminish the health benefits, food support, and housing help we provide to families with children.

We are grateful to know that you are in there fighting for us, and we want you to know that we appreciate it and we back you.

Keep up the good work!