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Alarmed about the Trump administration’s actions about:





Foreign Policy


Do you want to actively resist?

Come to our monthly meetings and get involved.

5 PM, second Tuesday of each month

Unity Center, San Juan Ave (across from Blue Heron school)

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Indivisible Port Townsend is dedicated to resisting Trump’s agenda by empowering grassroots activists to weaken congressional Republican resolve and embolden Democratic opposition through informed local action.


Our History

In December of 2016 an email went around from a friend saying "Do you want to join me for the Seattle Women's March".  That was the beginning!  People started replying and we decided to get a bus.  Well, we booked 4 buses, 191 people and ended up with an email list of over 200.

Two days after the march, Libby Palmer went to Sunrise Coffee and saw 2 women with pink pussy hats and joined them and a great conversation began. Soon others got interested and started asking questions and pretty soon, the whole place was involved. The question was asked, “What do we do now” and one woman suggested they meet again the next week same time same place to continue.

Our first meeting at Sunrise Coffee surprised us all when 40 people showed up. We deemed ourselves the Sunrise Huddle in support of the 2nd action from the Women's March - create huddles of people who want to do action. We did several more meetings there (Thank you Bill and Sue). We divided into interest/work groups and began to formalize our plans of action.

We quickly outgrew Sunrise Coffee but not our enthusiasm.  We continue to meet with 40 to 70 people each time.  We've joined up with the local Indivisible group and now call ourselves PT Indivisible Huddle.  We currently have six work groups, have over 400 on our email list and have started our own website to chronicle our actions and keep everyone informed.

Our goal is to keep active, keep making calls, writing letters, protesting actions of the administration and working together to keep our spirits up and our resistance alive.  Join us.